At Gudvangen your tour moves from the water to wheels as we drive through the spectacular Nærøydalen Valley with its many waterfalls and up the famous Stalheimskleiva on route back to Voss.

The Stalheimskleiva is one of Europe’s steepest roads, with a gradient of 1:5 and 13 hairpin bends. From the top, some 377m above sea level, there are inspiring views of the beautiful valley far below, framed by two beautiful water falls, Stalheimsfossen and Sivlefossen which drop vertically some 120 meters into the canyon below.

Your journey continues towards Voss passing lakes, rivers and waterfalls including the mighty cascade of Tvindefossen. At Voss you can be either taken directly to the Train station to return to Bergen or dropped in town to explore this beautifully located town and investigate its many activities.