On the FULL PACKAGE TOUR you get FULL ACTION,  with White Water Rafting on one of Norway’s finest rivers.

After a BBQ lunch at the Rafting Senter, the Rafting Tour Leader will gather the group for the Trip briefing.  Before you know it, you will be dressed in rubber and ready for action!

The world class guides will have given you wetsuits, shoes, jackets, life-jackets and helmets to prepare you for the raging river. After a drive to the river the Tour leader will give you a full safety brief and each guide will instruct their team in the rafting techniques and procedures.  By the time you hit the first rapids you will be finely tuned rafting team ready to take on the rapids of the the Strandaelva or Raundalselva.

The Voss Rafting Senter maintains the highest standards of safety and excitement and is staffed by some of the most experienced guides in the world.  Their aim is to take you into their world full of adventure under safe and skill full directions.

On the rafting tour you WILL get wet,  WILL have to paddle, you MIGHT fall in, the raft could flip over, but you are guaranteed to have the time of your life!

(Details of rafting tour can be found here  CLICK HERE )

In low water season (usually August – Sept) there may not be enough water to run rafting tours, but we are able to offer Canyoning Tours instead!

After the tour you will return to the luxurious changing rooms with heated floors and hot shows then have time to get a refreshment in the bar.  On each tour there are Photos available and you will also be able to purchase a VIDEO of your tour if available.

Eventually you will be transferred to Voss Railway station if required or dropped in town to explore this amazing place and other activities it has to offer.