Train, Rafting and Wind Tunnel

An active round trip from Bergen! Take the Bergen Railway to Voss and try white water rafting in scenic surroundings and a free fall in Norway’s only wind tunnel! All transportation and the necessary equipment are included in the price.

The trip starts with the scenic Bergen Railway from Bergen to Voss. Bergen Railway is the highest altitude railway in Northern Europe, and around 100 kilometres of the line run through wild mountain terrain.

Outside Voss railway station, you board a minibus that takes you to Voss Rafting Senter, around 15 minutes away. The bus is well marked and easy to spot. Then it’s time for some whitewater rafting in the Strandaelva river or Raundalselva river. Both rivers are of a high international standard, and we can guarantee a fantastic experience.

The trip then continues to VossVind. Here, you can try the wind tunnel, which is a simulation of the free fall experienced when skydiving.



  • 08:15 Train from Bergen railway station to Voss. Arrival in Voss at 09:21
  • 09:30 Pick up from Voss railway station and transfer to Voss Active Senter
  • 10:00 – 13:30 Rafting on one of the rivers in Voss
  • 14:00 – 14:45 Hot lunch at the restaurant at Voss Rafting Senter
  • 14:45 Transfer from Voss Rafting Senter to VossVind
  • 14:50 – 16:00 VossVind with three minutes of flying in the wind tunnel
  • 16:15 Walk from VossVind to Voss railway station
  • 17:10 Train from Voss to Bergen
  • 18:25 Arrival at Bergen railway station