Standard Fjord Tour

Standard Tour can start from either Bergen or Voss, travelling by rail up the Raundal Valley to the remote Myrdal station. Change to the Flåm Railway, the Steepest line in Northern Europe, you then descend to Berekvam Station where the action begins!

At Berekvam you leave the crowd behind and jump on a mountain bike ! Our guide will lead the way, giving you insight into this amazing valley, making sure you don’t miss the best viewpoints and will be at hand in case of break-downs. This fun downhill ride will take you to the picturesque village of Flåm, beside the Aurland Fjord.

At Flåm you then swap bike for boat, in the form of a Fast RIB boat on a fjord Safari round to Gudvangen. This is a journey through World Heritage areas of Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord to the village of Gudvangen.

From Gudvangen you will drive through spectacular Nærøydalen and up the hair-pin bends of the Stalheims road, back to Voss.

You can then return to Bergen, or stay in Voss at your pleasure.


  • 07:04 Depart Bergen
  • 08:25 Departure from Voss
  • 09:17 Arrive Myrdal
  • 09:20 Pick up your bike from Rallaren Cafe
  • 09:30 Start Mountain biking to Flåm
  • 11:15 Arrive Flåm
  • 11:40 Check in for Fjord Safari
  • 12:00 Fjord Safari
  • 13:15 Arrive Gudvangen – Shuttle to Voss
  • 14:00 Arrive Voss
  • 15:30 Depart Voss > Bergen
  • 16:28 Arrive Bergen

Norway Active Standard tour